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Mistakes and Correction

Digital illustration is a very tricky job. Just having the right software for it does not confirm or assure that whatever work you would be producing in it will be appreciated by all. It gets important for you to use the right combination of colours so that the intended message is spread across the crowd excellently. This task gets more difficult for those who have just stepped into the field and are still at their learning phase. It gets more important for such people to not take the illustration work lightly and try to understand what potential mistakes can happen while creating the images and visuals.

Find below some of the mistakes that can happen while making illustrations and know how you can correct them:

  • Selecting incorrect canvas size: It is essential that you pick the right canvas size while preparing the illustration. Make sure that the canvas is neither too small nor too big. It should be the perfect size according to the concept and requirement.
  • It is important that you select the perfect final size of the image. Too big image might seem too loud and a small image might just go unnoticed. So, go for a size that accurately conveys the message.
  • Try your best to not use high contrast ratios as they make the image look too bright and at time, irritating. Keep it subtle and make sure that it still goes well with the idea of marketing strategy.
  • Make sure that the brushes you use for making illustrations are not too big and the strokes too are not very large. Make use of custom brushes to produce perfect images for your use.
  • Avoid using too many colours in one single illustration. It confuses the viewer or reader and ultimately distracts them from the concept you are trying to convey to them.

These simple steps will help you create illustrations that are not only unique in the market, but also one of its kinds.